Hello, welcome to my gardening blog.  I’ve had a little North facing garden for a while, trying to grow the plants I love in what is becoming a cooler, shadier garden every year.  I spend way too much at the local florist’s, which is lovely for her, but I thought it was time to grow my own.  I applied for and was successful in getting an allotment in August 2016, about 5 minute walk from home.  It’s sunny and warm and perfect for growing those sun loving plants I adore.

Here I’ll basically be journaling my way through setting up my very own cutting garden on an allotment site full of vegetables and fruit, with lots of lovely older people offering tons of advice – and freebies too!  I certainly don’t know everything, and there’ll be a steep learning curve, I’m sure.  But I’m so excited to finally be getting this project off the ground!

Say Hi, check out my Instagram, offer advice, I’m all ears…