Moving Along

Work progresses on the plot.  I’ve divided the site into top and bottom half, working on the top which was dig-able, relatively weed-free and better planned than the rest.  I knew the bottom half would be difficult, being closer to the river it’s filled with more clay, wetter.  So it was too wet to dig earlier, once the wet weather had stopped and we had a break with some sun, the clay all dried up and it turned to concrete.


The plot two weeks ago, still had grass to remove and two squares to dig. My attempt to dig the grass from the bottom half is visible near the compostor.

I tried digging out the grass but it was just impossible.  So I asked one of the allotment reps to dig it over with his heavy duty rotivator – again!  It was done this weekend, along with dumping another 8 40 litre bags of mushroom compost over it.  I’m pretty much finished with what I can do on the top half.  All I’m waiting for is for the Nicotiana, Cerinthe and Lupins to get a little bigger.


The plot today! Strings removed from the top, all squares dug and paths flattened. Bottom half rotivated and composted.

Now I’m planning the bottom half with a vengance!  Tomorrow, if the weather doesn’t stop me, I’ll assemble the metal rose arches and erect them over the main path ready for the sweetpeas to clamber all over them.


Cerinthe Purpurascens growing nicely alongside sweetpeas in the zip up greenhouse

I also have a plan for the remaining 2-3 metres  between what’s been dug and the fence at the top of the river bank.  I’ll be planting fruit trees and bushes in that area, but not this year!  After watching Monty Don on Gardener’s World a few weeks back planting apples on a cordon, I had an idea that would be do-able on my plot.  Since then I’ve decided a few raspberries and gooseberries would be nice, as well as a slightly mad plan to have a hazelnut tree – or two.  Apparently they work better with two, different cultivars.


Three Dahlias planted up (2 weeks ago), two have produced great shoots, one hasn’t done anything, so I bought another which is doing far better already!

So really, it’s just the weather holding things up, please let May be its usual, sunny, warm self!  Anyone have any tips for growing hazelnut trees?


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