It’s looking like a Garden!

I've been working so hard, and now I'm seeing progress!  In the two weeks since my precious post there's been much improvement.  I marked off the beds and paths of the lower half of the plot that had been rotivated and stomped the paths flat.  I've added bags of manure and trugs full of potash … Continue reading It’s looking like a Garden!


Moving Along

Work progresses on the plot.  I've divided the site into top and bottom half, working on the top which was dig-able, relatively weed-free and better planned than the rest.  I knew the bottom half would be difficult, being closer to the river it's filled with more clay, wetter.  So it was too wet to dig … Continue reading Moving Along


The very word sounds ominous.  You need to know so many things before you can even get started, no jumping in and muddling through.  For an impulsive person like me, proper planning is tricksy. I started by measuring my plot.  It's 8m wide and 11 long on the one side, 13 on the other.  It … Continue reading Planning